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Thanks to all who responded to our survey! 

Based on your input, the following will be applied to the Winter League:

  1. Vaccinations - It was clear that a majority of people preferred a mandate for vaccinations, however, we know how politically charged mandates are, and do not want to alienate any of our awesome players.  We do want our players to be as safe as possible, so we will adopt an approach other organizations have used successfully.  That is to request that unvaccinated players that do not choose to get vaccinated to please volunarily wear a mask when entering the gym and playing.  We do strongly encourage all our players to check with your trusted doctor, and get vaccinated if they recommend it.  The data is clear - vaccinations are extremely effective!
  2. Elite Division Winners - The 19+ Elite Division will provide the winning team 50% off for their next season!  We MUST have at least 6 teams in the Elite division, so talk it up among your elite player friends!
  3. 3-on-3 Division - With plenty of interest, we are now will offering a trial 3-on-3 Division!
  4. 3-on-3 Tournament! - To get people going on 3-on-3, AND to provide additional play in December!  See all the info under the Information tab above. 
  5. Regional Finals - We will offer a regional finals for aligned divisions across Fairfax and Alexandria leagues!
  6. December Open Gym - We will offer multiple gyms for open play in December as we await the Winter League in January - see info as soon as you register!
  7. 50% Off Winner(s) - With 100 responses to our adult survey, we wanted to select 2 winners vs. just 1!  They are: Demond Simmons and Haashim Drinkard!


Responses to your comments/questions below!


# Comment Response
1 Enough teams so level A B C leagues can be formed. 
We fully agree!  Covid messed us up where we did not have enough teams to do that, but hope to return to A/B/C this winter season!
2 An over 50 league. Make it more clear when playoffs start and finish  
Yes, we hope to have enough for 50+ this upcoming season!  We do post the full schedule on the site, showing playoff dates too, but sometimes we have to modify the dates (like this past season), but that is rare.
3 Do or can we get film/highlights? because I have colleges asking. 
We only take pictures, but you are welcome to film your games, we see several others do that!
4 Will the elite teams be in 30A division this season?  
We hope to have a separate Elite division this season.  Covid messed that up the last couple seasons.
5 Would be nice to have the over 50 division if there is interest. 
Agree!  We are offering that division.  If we do not get enough interest, we will merge with the lowest level of 40+.
6 Do you know what times 50+ play on Sunday 
Not specifically, but all game times will be 5-9pm starts.
7 Eliminate 9 PM games. Find referees who are actually want to referee a basketball game, many are disinterested and barely try. 
Some teams like 9pm games, so we must keep, but we also try to mix up start times for a team, so it will minimize too many games at one timeslot.
8 Have the right skill levels playing in the same group, had over seas players, playing against regular people, leagues not fun if not even playing field  
Yeah, Covid caused this, but we were able to split teams by skill for the playoffs.
9 I believe there used to be smaller plaques (or trophies) for runner ups. Do you still do that? 
no, sorry…come back next season for all the glory!
10 I played in weeknight B/C for fall 2021. We played most of our games against teams in the A league who were much better than us. These games were flat out not fun, especially when the better team is incentivized to run up the score to help their point differential. If teams must play across leagues, there needs to be a better system in place so it is more fair and enjoyable for everyone. 
See above Covid comments.  Differentials are only used as a tie-break for tourney seeding, but only after team record and head-to-head, and rarely come into play.


11 I would've been nice to play a couple of Sundays in December. We will have over a month off between Fall and Winter and as we get older, the more time off, the more the chance for injury when we get back on the court. After having to miss a couple of seasons due to covid, we want to play as much as possible to get back in shape. Thanks for the survey.  
Yes, this was a tough decision, but as we had to extend the fall league to Dec. 5, and thus there wasn't enough time to get winter teams organized.  However, we will provide some open gyms for December!  See above general comments.
12 I'm a true beginner and want to know how I'm selected to a team. 
We have plenty in your situation!  When you register, we look as your answers to experience, skill, etc., and then select appropriate teams based on that.  The goal is to create teams that are as event in skill as possible within divisions.
13 Instruct refs to issue more technical fouls for complaining. 
Good input, thank you.
14 Is there a women's league? I was a female player in the men's C (?) league before Covid...and I'd be interested in that again, just wondering... 
We have tried to resurrect our earlier women's leagues, but never got enough interest.  If w can get at least 4 teams, we would be happy to do that!
15 It would be nice if the scheduling for players on multiple teams was a little better. I understand it isn't easy and try to only make schedule requests for playoff games, however, it can be frustrating to have spent the extra 100 dollars for only 3 or 4 extra games. 
We do try, but please remind us before the season starts, and during the season if conflicts arise.
16 Let's get started before Christmas, not wait until Jan 9th! 
See above response!
17 make sure that there are no games on Holidays 
Yes, we avoid major holidays, but sometimes need to play on other holidays (MLK Weekend) if the schedule forces it.
18 My son is immune compromised so until the pandemic is well behind us I will be side lined unfortunately. I would need everyone to be vaccinated to even entertain the idea of rejoining  
Totally understand, thank you for the input.
19 No, fun league. I am enjoying myself. 
Thank you!
20 Regarding, "If entering, who would you be entering with?" is that about the 5-on-5 or the 3-on-3 team? Personal note: Just amazed at what you've done with this League, Ron, over the years. Great job! 
Thank you! This is more about the 5-on-5, and for planning only.  We do honor all teammate requests!
21 Stop putting average 40s team with good 40a teams with bracket . Get 40b playoffs 
See above responses please.
22 Teams in the A are definitely not all over 30 
Another Covid issue.  We hope to avoid in future with return of 19+Elite!
23 The refs seem to make up a lot of rules. The rule book should be available and must be followed without any prejudice.  
Please let us know specifics.  We use HS rules unless specifically stated in our rules.  They are all on our website and easily retrieved at the game.
24 Will be nice to have 40+ league on weekdays.  Yes, but with tight gym space available during weeknights, we can't get enough teams to have age breakouts yet.