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Little Legends Spring 2020 Season!


Check out all the info below.  When ready to register, go to the main basketball page (www.PlayLegendsBasketball.com) and click on the big registration button on the right side of the site.



  • Little Legends plays on WEEKNIGHTS!
  • Juniors and seniors in high school graduate to Adult Legends, which is played on weeknights and Sundays, depending on season.

League Format

  • Each team will have at least 1 one-hour practice slot per week, and more if space is available (coach-selected).
  • Each team will usually play one game per week, sometimes a doubleheader, for at least 9 games.
  • The optional league-wide clinic will be once per week, at least 7 total clinics.


Individual (League-Only) Cost

   $149 League Registration
   $35 one-time uniform fee (uniforms can be used in subsequent seasons)
   $30 Late Fee typically begins the Friday 3 weeks prior to season start.

Team (League-Only) Cost

When registering a minimum of 8 players together as a team, there is a 20% discount off the standard individual registration fee.  So for 8 players registering as a team, the discounted registration cost is $953 instead of the full cost of $1,192.  Each additional player above 8 is charged at 80% of the individual registration fee ($119).  For new players to Little Legends, or returning players needing a new uniform,  that option will be provided during individual registration at $23 for a jersey, and $12 for shorts. 
$100 Late Fee begins the Friday 3 weeks prior to season start.

Optional Clinic Cost (minimum 7 clinics - Monday nights starting week of TBD, gym TBD, skipping holidays)

   $140 for Clinic only
   Only $70 if purchased with League fee!!  


‚ÄčOther Related Costs/Savings:

There is a non-volunteer fee of $25 if a parent is not willing to assist in one of the following areas (Team Coach, Team Assistant Coach, Referee, Clock/Bookkeeper, Clinic Coach, Building Director, Team Mom).


$20 out-of-county fee will also be charged for non-Fairfax County residents.


A second sibling in the program receives $20 off, a third receives $30 off, and a fourth receives $40 off.

All cost calculations, above, will automatically be done during the online registration process.


Season Schedule

The season schedule (subject to change) is below:



Latest Sample Weekly Schedule

We anticipate all Legends sessions (practices, clinics, games) to be on weekday nights from 5-8pm.  Below is a sample weekly schedule (subject to change):


Team Practices:
         Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays  5-7pm
          Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 6-8pm
Optional League-Wide Clinic:
         Mondays, 6-7pm for grades 3-5; 7-8pm  for grades 6-8.

Latest Anticipated Divisions

This will depend on the youth registration.  We hope to have the following divisions, but may need to realign divisions based on registrations.



  • Grade 3/4 Division


  • Grade 5/6 A Division
  • Grade 5/6 B Division


  • Grade 7/8 A Division
  • Grade 7/8 B Division


  • Grades 9/10 Division
  • Grades 11-12 (Players/teams must either play in the Weeknight or Sunday Men's League - it's a blast!)


These divisions may be added to, or subtracted from, depending on how many players register for each division.

Gym Locations

All selected gyms will be in the central Fairfax area.  As a guide, past gyms we have been assigned are:
  1. Vienna ES
  2. Freedom Hill ES
  3. Pine Springs ES
  4. Mosby Woods ES
  5. Westbriar ES
  6. Rocky Run MS
  7. Oakton ES
  8. Cooper MS
  9. Greenbriar E and W ES
  10. Mosby Woods ES
  11. Silverbrook ES
  12. Haycock ES
  13. Longfellow MS
  14. Cardinal Forest ES
  15. Wolftrap ES